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The underwater treadmill is an indispensable tool in physical therapy because it allows the animal to move more easily in a reduced weight-bearing environment. The water provides buoyancy and resistance throughout the range of motion, therefore offering a more challenging workout. The animal can enter from one side or the other and gradually adapts to the water, which is kept at 28 degrees Celsius.


Most animals adapt very quickly and actually seem to enjoy it! Session times vary depending on individual needs and fitness levels. An average session lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.


What are the benefits of an aquatic treadmill?


  • Reduced recovery time after an injury or surgery (herniated disc, cruciate ligament)
  • Treatment of osteoarthritis in older dogs
  • Treatment of dysplasia
  • Overall improvement of cardiovascular performance
  • Treatment of paralysis due to disc herniation or cervical vertebral instability (Wobbler disease)
  • Accelerated weight loss

Underwater Treadmill

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