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Dr. Anne-Marie Gagnon graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec in 1991. She has an extensive and very diverse background in traditional clinical environments.


Constantly on the lookout for new techniques to improve her overall approach to animal health, she expanded her expertise through various academic courses. She then decided to devote herself entirely to holistic veterinary medicine.


  • 2006  The British Institute of Homeopathy - Veterinary Homeopathy Course
  • 2006-2007  International Veterinary Acupuncture Society - Veterinary Acupuncture Course, Tampa, Florida
  • 2008  AMA Healing, Philippines
  • 2012  Atlanta Institute for Osteopathy - Introduction to Osteopathy,  Atlanta, Georgia

In 2006, Dr. Anne-Marie proudly opened the doors of the Bureau Vétérinaire Holistique de l’Estrie. In addition to conventional veterinary medicine, she practices acupuncture, homeopathy, and the ancient techniques of Chinese medicine.


Her vast and long experience in the vaccination field allows her to assess vaccinations on an individual basis and according to the animal's best health benefits rather than according to trends. She advocates healthy eating and living as the basis for maintaining the health and well-being of pets.


Dr. Anne-Marie Gagnon has developed a healing approach based on the human-animal bond and the intuitive and instinctive interaction that is undeniable between the two.

Audrey Grenier

Technicienne en santé animale diplômé en mai 2018.


À l’écoute de vos demandes, elle s’occupera de vos animaux de façon minutieuse et attentionnée. Pour elle, le bien-être animal est une question de cœur.

Catherine Lisée, assistant

Catherine Lisée is an animal health technician who has been welcoming visitors at the veterinary office since 2008.


Following her studies, she spent 10 years working with zoo animals such as elephants, giraffes, and big cat species. Rubbing shoulders with such animals rewarded her with many memorable experiences and life lessons. She then had the pleasure of working as a falconer, with hawks, eagles, peregrine falcons, and owls.


She feels that each animal that comes into her life carries a message that reveals another side of herself and profoundly believes in the power of the human-animal bond that is so healing and enriching for us all. Our customers appreciate her gentle nature and her willingness to be attentive to their needs.

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