Bureau vétérinaire holistique de l'Estrie





The FIO is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of teaching alternative animal healing methods based on the human-animal bond, as well as educating animal owners on this unconventional approach.


The FIO seeks to offer alternative healing products that are affordable and easily accessible.


The FIO believes that all pets should be treated with dignity and respect throughout their lives and is committed to finding them a suitable family home and providing them with appropriate medical care when necessary.


The FIO seeks to raise public awareness on new approaches in animal health. The FIO seeks to promote individual and community responsibility in regard to animal care.


The FIO seeks to develop, manufacture, supply, and distribute products that improve animal and human health.


The FIO intends to help set up funds to finance such projects at the local, district, regional, departmental, provincial (state), national, and international levels.


The FIO seeks to assist all organizations, associations, groups, or individuals in implementing projects that reflect the philosophy and mission of the FIO.

1690 Merry Nord, local 105, Magog (Québec) J1X 0L2
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